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Joy Auch

Joy lives in Ontario County with her boys (two sons and her hubby). She runs to stay sane and spends lots of time with her boys splashing in their creek and catching frogs and snails. She is a New England native who promises not to share her sports allegiances, although as an alumna of Syracuse University, she loves (loves) SU sports! Joy is a corporate communications manager at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield.

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Sepsis: A deadly condition that happens fast

Something in Jean Hopkins’ gut told her to take her daughter to urgent care. It was after school, and her 8th grader didn’t feel well enough for cheerleading practice. She had a slight fever, nausea and was tired. Her daughter said she felt like she did when she had a bladder infection. Hopkins’ husband wondered…Read More »

Knocking on doors. Looking under bridges. How we find hard-to-reach members.

Dajia Richardson parked her truck outside a house in a suburb of Rochester, N.Y. She peered at the freshly-fallen snow on the driveway. No car. No footprints. “I’m still hopeful that someone is inside,” said Richardson, as she got out of the truck. She trudged through the snow and knocked on the front door. Unlike…Read More »

Flavorful Escarole and Pastina Soup

This delicious Escarole and Pastina soup includes many Italian flavors that remind me of my childhood. What little Ragazzo or Ragazzi didn’t grow up feasting on ingredients such as escarole, tiny pastina, and cannellini beans? Alisa Fanara, my co-worker (and fellow Italian), shared this recipe. This soup is perfect for a wintery day. Add chicken or sausage…Read More »

12 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

The first house in my neighborhood ablaze with holiday lights triggered a mini anxiety attack. Lights glowed in the windows and decked out neatly trimmed bushes. Decorative reindeer nuzzled their noses in the lawn, as if enjoying a grassy snack. “Oh crap,” I thought. “It’s Christmas time.” My mind reeled through a list of To…Read More »

A surprisingly delicious summer salad

I didn’t expect this “farro” salad to be tasty. Farro is a kind of super-healthy whole grain that at first glance looks unappetizing. It looks like you’re eating a big bowl of barley! Turns out I was wrong. Farro has a nutty and pleasant taste that is extra scrumptious when paired with diced apples, raisins…Read More »

Apple & Almond Farro Salad

10 Pool Safety Tips for Summer

I find a reason every year to delay the opening of our backyard pool. I declared last spring, for example, that the pool was to stay closed until we finished cleaning up the yard and mulching. Since I live on a big lot with too many gardens, the pool remained closed until mid-July. I’ll continue…Read More »

You’ll Never Guess Where the Best Playground Is…

I’d been in the car seven hours with a cranky toddler, fussy first grader, and tired hubby. Even I was out of sorts. But then I turned into a new rest stop on the New York Thruway and all was right with the world. This rest stop was unlike any others I’d ever seen. It was…Read More »

This Tasty Recipe Won the “Chompionship!”

Congrats to the big winner of our Munch Madness “Chompionship.” The Winter Squash Bake recipe “squashed” the competition to earn the coveted crown.  The chef behind the winning dish was Lauren “All Day” Daley, a chef with a knack for super simple comfort food. The Winning Recipe in Action Here is my (video) attempt at…Read More »

Munch Madness Chompionship!

It’s down to the final two contenders for the Munch Madness 2018 “Chompionship”.  This is going to be epic!  Will the southwest chicken cross the road, or be “squashed” by the competition? Whose going to “bean” the best chef? And is winter coming? Confused? Read on. YOU get to decide who comes out on top.…Read More »