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Kevin P. Kane, MS, APR, is a Syracuse native and longtime Webster resident. Kane received his bachelor’s degree from St. John Fisher College/master’s from Syracuse University. Kane has been at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield since 2000 serving most recently as a Corporate Communications Special Projects Manager. He’s a longtime volunteer at most levels of the Public Relations Society of America, and with other nonprofits. Also, he’s an adjunct professor teaching Business Communications, plus professional volunteer adviser of the PRSSA SJFC Proietti Chapter. Kane had his turn at being a high school marching band medic, high school hockey booster, little league baseball coach, and is now a middle-aged musician enjoying life with his wife while their offspring work.

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How to Build a Backyard Ice Rink

Given that current weather forecasts for our part of the Northeast are including numbers below the magical 32 degrees Fahrenheit, my mental homeowner ‘to do’ list includes clearing the leaves, starting the snowblower, and so on…standard stuff you may say. But even now, I catch myself dreaming of the next item…re-assembling the backyard ice arena,…Read More »