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Timothy Murray

Timothy Murray

An upstate transplant, by way of NYC, Tim has fully embraced the country life in bucolic Honeoye Falls, NY and enjoys raising his kids, his chickens, and his neighbor's blood pressure (mostly when he works late into the night in his workshop tinkering with lawnmower engines and very loud power tools). When Tim isn't working, you may find him at a local rugby match or taking a deep breath of nature at any of the parks and hiking trails in Monroe County.

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Hidden Gems: Wild Wings Bird Sanctuary

Have you ever wondered whether the owls in Harry Potter could actually carry a Nimbus 2000? Or maybe you just want to see some birds of prey up close? Why You Should Go Wild Wings is a charming non-profit raptor rehabilitation center located about 20 minutes south of Rochester, NY. Nestled in Mendon Ponds Park,…Read More »