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Shevah Faber

Shevah grew up in the Hudson Valley country side of Columbia County before moving to the Rochester suburbs. She enjoys travelling and exploring with her husband and two children and volunteering at her synagogue, with the PTA, and girl scouts. Shevah is a project manager at Excellus BCBS.

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Out With Bones, In With Beets: Our Ever-Evolving Passover Celebration

I’ve always loved the traditions of Passover, the Jewish holiday that commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. Now that I have my own family, I’ve adapted my own traditions in ways I didn’t expect but find exciting. Our new family traditions are on display the most at the family meal of Seder,…Read More »

Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival

For many years, my family has not missed the Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival. It is a great FREE, community event. You can check it out on Saturday, April 27, 2019, from 10 am to 5 pm. Performance art, Herbology, and more! First up this year is the announcement of the winner of the student…Read More »

A Sweet Family Activity: NY Maple Weekends are Here!

It’s just about time for my favorite family activity. As we anticipate our annual tradition of visiting a local maple farm, I can’t help but recall a favorite childhood memory. I remember adding maple sugar to fresh snow to make a sweet treat (don’t worry, scientists say eating small amounts of snow usually isn’t harmful). Laura…Read More »

Hidden Gems: Sonnenberg Gardens

(Photos courtesy of Sonnenberg Gardens) My aunt and uncle recently visited from out of state, and I was deputized family tour director. We decided to make a day trip to Canandaigua which included the Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Park. Videos and photos give you a sense of the sprawling 50-acre estate. In person, you…Read More »

New To Medicare? This Cheat Sheet Should Help

You may not have given much thought to choosing a health insurance plan if you always obtained a plan from an employer. The benefits were there when you needed them. But when your 65th birthday comes along, you’ll probably need to pay more attention to your insurance. Why? You’re now likely eligible for Medicare. You’ll…Read More »

Hidden Gems: Sterling Renaissance Festival

No summer is complete for my family without a trip to 16th century Warwick, England; or the closest we can get at the Renaissance Festival in Sterling, NY. Highlights Step into the woods at the event, and everywhere you look there is magic.  Both performers and guests really get into character, so be prepared to…Read More »

Have a Medicare Plan? Take Steps to Protect Yourself Against Fraud

My mom laughed out loud when she got a call from her bank asking if she had purchased hand-crafted men’s cowboy boots from a store in Texas. She was grateful the bank checked to see if the charge was legitimate. The account was frozen and she cut up her card and waited for the bank…Read More »

What I learned about getting shingles at 40

I had a rash that would not go away. It didn’t cover a large area, but it was irritating. Waiting it out was not helping, so I started looking for information on the internet. All signs pointed to shingles! I ran off to urgent care, and the doctor confirmed I was correct. I had thought…Read More »

Hidden Gem: Corning Museum of Glass

THE WORLD OF GLASS When I mentioned to others I was headed to The Corning Museum of Glass, I heard a lot of, “Oh yeah, I was there in elementary school, but have not been back since.” On a recent trip to the museum, I learned that it was well worth a return visit. DON’T…Read More »

The Scoop on Frozen Desserts

WE ALL SCREAM FOR… Gelato! This summer, we discovered a small gelato shop that is now my family’s favorite go-to destination when we’re craving a sweet summer treat. We plan to celebrate national ice cream month this July by indulging in a cup of creamy gelato. With which frozen treat will you celebrate? Leave your…Read More »