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Roxy Greninger

Roxy is Texas born, Oregon raised, and New York refined. As an expert hobbyist, she enjoys pastimes that align with her passion for travel, technology, history, science, and art. Roxy works in Human Capital Management at Excellus BCBS.

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Volunteering Virtually and a Fulfilling New Hobby

Grateful to work for a company that gives employees one paid volunteer day per year, I was straining to find a virtual opportunity that was meaningful to me before the year ended and the generosity was lost. I had almost given up hope when I stumbled on a topic that I value – history! The…Read More »

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Celebrating National Gratitude Month with a New Habit

According to Greater Good Science Center at University of California, Berkeley, gratitude’s amazing powers can shift us from focusing on the negative to appreciating what is positive in our lives. People who practice gratitude daily tend to have: Fewer feelings of isolation and loneliness A stronger immune system Better sleep Lowered blood pressure Reduced anxiety…Read More »

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Trying New Things and Taking Wrong Turns

Our daily routines offer a lot of comfort and efficiency. But, as Bill Murray’s character demonstrates in the movie Groundhog Day, doing the same thing day in and day out can result in feelings of hopelessness or even depression. Though not as comical or dark as the legendary 1993 film, I’ve found myself having similar…Read More »