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Rachel Dowling

Rachel Dowling

Rachel was born and raised in Western NY and currently calls Rochester's South Wedge neighborhood home. After a brief stint living in the Southern U.S., she’s pretty sure she’s a Rochester lifer. When she’s not chasing her toddler around, you’ll most likely find her running, practicing yoga, or otherwise finding a few moments of quiet sanity.

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Ready to Run? Learn to Love Hills

Hills kinda have a bad rep among runners. Something about gravity and sweatiness and REALLY HARD WORK! It’s true. Hills are not easy to run. But I love them anyway, and you can learn to love them, too. “Love” is a relative term. You learn to love hills the same way you learn to love…Read More »

Hidden Gems: Lamberton Conservatory

As a born and raised Western New Yorker, I fully understand that snow and wintry weather can live anywhere from October to April and everywhere in between. And by the end of March (or February, or January…) it starts to get old. That’s why the Lamberton Conservatory is my favorite hidden gem in Rochester. A…Read More »