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Pat lives in Oneida County with her husband. They enjoy traveling. She also enjoys cooking, physical activity, entertaining . . and any combination of the three things! Pat is a registered dietitian and a workplace wellness consultant at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield. She absolutely loves the fact that her son - who used to complain about being deprived since he grew up with a dietitian mom - is now engaged to a vegetarian!

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11 Easy Snacks to Help You Sleep Better

Almost everyone loves to grab a snack before they go to sleep. But what you choose to eat could determine whether or not you fall asleep right away. Before you begin nighttime noshing, ask yourself: What’s your motivation? Are you bored? Stuffing emotions? Munching while watching TV? Or, are you really hungry, and if so,…Read More »

I Stand – A Lot. But why does it make others uneasy?

I have an odd habit that’s good for my health, but seems to make others uneasy. I have a tendency to stand, even when asked to sit. You might not think this is odd. Especially since sitting too much could put us at risk for serious health issues, including heart disease and diabetes.  This is…Read More »

15 Foods You’re Not Eating (But Should!)

My approach to healthy eating focuses on eating more, not less. Feast more on certain “nutritional rock stars” that are good for your heart, stocked with vitamins and low in calories. Many of these superfoods also help you feel full longer — a great thing for shedding weight. Eat more of These superfoods These foods…Read More »

Snack Your Way to Your Summer Weight

Healthy snacking might sound like an oxymoron. But there are a lot of benefits to snacking – especially if you want to shed a few pounds in time for swimsuit season. If you snack on the right foods, you tend to consume fewer calories throughout the day. You’ll feel fuller longer and be less likely…Read More »

Sage Advice: 7 Tips for Your Herb Garden (Recipes Included!)

I’d rather be cooking than gardening, but there’s something about growing and using my own herbs that’s satisfying to the soul and palate and a treat for the senses. Once planted, they grow quickly–sometimes, it seems, right in front of my eyes. In the morning, I do some tactile and aromatherapy as I touch and…Read More »

Healthy Snacking Tips from a Football Party Veteran

Watching the big game can be grueling when you’re at a house party with a super-sized buffet. But you can approach kickoff with a solid game plan to help you avoid getting sacked by too many fatty barbecue wings or ill-advised slices of calorie-laden pie: Before you go to your bash, have a small, healthy…Read More »

8 Ways To Pack A Healthy Lunch You (And The Kids) Will Actually Eat

You want to pack a lunch that you and your kids will actually eat. It might seem tough. But with a little help, you can become a wiz at creating packable meals that are healthy, yet tasty. The Basics Try planning ahead to ease a lot of the stress. When making dinner, remember that leftovers…Read More »

9 easy ways to add vegetables to your meals

9 Easy Ways to Add Vegetables to Your Meals

Vegetables suffer from a bad reputation. “Ugh,” you might think. “They taste terrible and they’re too hard to cook.” It’s no surprise that despite the health benefits of veggies, few people eat enough of them. Most adults should eat at least two to three cups of vegetables daily. But barely one in 10 adults actually…Read More »