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Pat lives in Oneida County with her husband. They enjoy traveling. She also enjoys cooking, physical activity, entertaining . . and any combination of the three things! Pat is a registered dietitian and a workplace wellness consultant at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield. She absolutely loves the fact that her son - who used to complain about being deprived since he grew up with a dietitian mom - is now married to a vegetarian!

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Picture of a family apple picking

The Truth About ‘An Apple A Day’

Does an apple a day REALLY keep the doctor away? A 2015 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine was unable to show that eating an apple every day has any impact on the need to visit the doctor. But fear not apple lovers! Even though apples may not keep the doctor away, they do have…Read More »

Picture of a peanut butter and fruit sandwich

The Sandwich Generation

We have been eating them as did our parents and we have made them for our children. They entered the world of American cuisine in the early 1900’s. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that is. The ingredient list is short: peanut butter, jelly, and bread. The taste is like no other comfort food. It fits…Read More »

Picture of a bowl of yogurt with granola and fruit

Healthy Snacking As You Work From Home

For many people working from home, it is hard to resist the constant cravings to snack throughout the day. When you snack on the right foods, you tend to consume fewer calories throughout the day. You’ll feel fuller longer and be less likely to overeat or reach for unhealthy foods. Healthy snacking can help you…Read More »

Close up picture of salmon

Don’t Fear The Fat

We used to think that low-fat eating was where it was at for weight control and good health. But as a fat-phobic society, we went overboard eating low-fat foods and we piled on the pounds. Low-fat does not necessarily mean low-calorie, nor does it give us permission to eat excessively. Instead of reaching for a…Read More »

Picture of an unmade bed

When Counting Sheep Doesn’t Work: Tips for Calming a Busy Mind and Getting Sleep

It was while I was lying awake at 3:00 a.m. again that I realized something was not right.  I am usually an early riser, but 3:00 a.m. is really early, even for me! The pandemic had brought about a lot of changes to my life, including a significant reduction in sleep! A Vicious Cycle I work as…Read More »

11 Easy Snacks to Help You Sleep Better

Almost everyone loves to grab a snack before they go to sleep. But what you choose to eat could determine whether or not you fall asleep right away. Before you begin nighttime noshing, ask yourself: What’s your motivation? Are you bored? Stuffing emotions? Munching while watching TV? Or, are you really hungry, and if so,…Read More »

I Stand – A Lot. But why does it make others uneasy?

I have an odd habit that’s good for my health, but seems to make others uneasy. I have a tendency to stand, even when asked to sit. You might not think this is odd. Especially since sitting too much could put us at risk for serious health issues, including heart disease and diabetes.  This is…Read More »

15 Foods You’re Not Eating (But Should!)

My approach to healthy eating focuses on eating more, not less. Feast more on certain “nutritional rock stars” that are good for your heart, stocked with vitamins and low in calories. Many of these superfoods also help you feel full longer — a great thing for shedding weight. Eat more of These superfoods These foods…Read More »

Picture of a woman holding a handful of almonds.

Snack Your Way to Your Summer Weight

Healthy snacking might sound like an oxymoron. But there are a lot of benefits to snacking – especially if you want to shed a few pounds in time for swimsuit season. If you snack on the right foods, you tend to consume fewer calories throughout the day. You’ll feel fuller longer and be less likely…Read More »

Sage Advice: 7 Tips for Your Herb Garden (Recipes Included!)

I’d rather be cooking than gardening, but there’s something about growing and using my own herbs that’s satisfying to the soul and palate and a treat for the senses. Once planted, they grow quickly–sometimes, it seems, right in front of my eyes. In the morning, I do some tactile and aromatherapy as I touch and…Read More »