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Lindsay Bentley

Lindsay Bentley

Lindsay grew up in Rochester New York, and settled in Syracuse after graduating from Syracuse University in 2010. She now works as Community Health Engagement program manager for Excellus BlueCross Blue Shield, where she manages community based grants. Lindsay likes to try all kinds of fitness activities, but is currently enjoying doing barre workouts a couple of times a week. She lives in the Eastwood neighborhood of Syracuse with her husband Brandon.

Posts by Lindsay Bentley

Battling Lead Poisoning in Herkimer and Oneida Counties

According to area health departments, an alarming percentage of children in Herkimer and Oneida counties are not screened for lead exposure. Screening, however, is critical since the majority of homes in the area were built prior to 1978. That’s when lead paint was still commonly used. If children are exposed to lead, they’re at risk…Read More »

Spotlight on Alana Hughes and H2 Fitness

Alana Hughes wants to inspire you to feel your best and live a life you love through fitness. Alana turned around her health years ago by losing about 40 pounds and embracing a healthy lifestyle. Those positive changes inspired her to start H2 Fitness, a full body “boot camp” program, with her business partner and…Read More »

Finding Undetected Vision Issues in Kids

“Mark,” a preschooler, always seemed to be getting in trouble, acting out and having a hard time learning. Turns out, there was good reason. He had double vision. Until the McGraw Lions Club screened him as a part of their “see” program, his condition had gone undetected. “At that age, he was still not verbal…Read More »

Hidden Gem: The Westminster Staircase

Referred to by some as the “Stairway to Heaven,” the Westminster Staircase in Syracuse holds special meaning for those of us who use it. Starting on Euclid Avenue and leading to a small circular park at the dead end of Westminster Avenue, the stairs are a startlingly serene departure from the hustle and bustle of…Read More »

MyFitnessPal, My New Best Friend

MyFitnessPal is a food diary, calorie and nutrient tracker and exercise journal rolled into one easy-to-use app. I use the MyFitnessPal app when I realize I’ve been eating a little less than “mindfully” and need to inject some discipline into my routine. Journaling everything you eat and drink is a great way to hold yourself…Read More »

Sleep Cycle App Will Kick You Out of Bed, But Gently

The Sleep Cycle app is listed as “essential” in the app store, and for good reason! Sleep Cycle is an app that helps wake you up based on how you sleep. Since I’m basically the opposite of a morning person, I find that the customizable features and 30-minute “wake-up phase” help me feel less like…Read More »