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Jane Vangelov

Jane Vangelov

Jane has lived in Syracuse (Fairmount and Liverpool) her entire life and has worked as a Customer Care Advocate at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield for more than 18 years. She enjoys taking cardio and strength classes at the gym, playing on an indoor volleyball league for the past 23 years and walking at Onondaga Lake Park and Beaver Lake Nature Center. She loves to be active and has climbed one of the Adirondack high peaks, Phelps Mountain. For the last five years (due to the encouragement of her twin brother, John), she has been seeing the benefits of eating a Paleo Diet. She is looking forward to her summer 2017 trip to Italy.

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How I Learned to Ballroom Dance (Etiquette Tips Included!)

A “Learn to Dance Ballroom, No Partner Required” headline caught my eye in a catalog I was flipping through 18 years ago. Vaguely intrigued because I had always wanted to learn how to dance, I set the catalog from OCM BOCES aside for a couple of days. Pretty soon, however, the plusses of signing up…Read More »