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Jan Caster

Recently retired, Jan Caster is a transplanted Oklahoman living in a small Syracuse suburb. In her 15 year career with Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, she formed relationships that will last a lifetime. Jan looks forward to visiting her kids, mom, sisters and other family, reading, watching her favorite PBS and Acorn series, practicing yoga, and volunteering. She plans to give meditation a serious go and hopes to live up to her newest mantra, “Kindness matters.”

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Something You Don’t Do for Your Health

A co-worker recently faced the reality that she had to floss. Cavities were likely on the horizon if she didn’t, her dentist said. She later discovered that she hated flossing because she “always had the cheap stuff around.” My colleague started using Oral-B Glide floss and loved it. “It’s so gentle on my gums that…Read More »

O Canada! International Travel Right Next Door

For a fun family vacation or couple’s getaway, think Canada. You can say you’ve been abroad without traveling far. Four major cities—Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City and Toronto—are within driving distance of four upstate New York cities—Binghamton, Rochester, Syracuse and Utica. Toronto If you’re a big league baseball fan, Toronto offers a different venue than New…Read More »

Bipolar Diagnosis Frees Emily’s Fighting Spirit

EDITOR’S NOTE: With the stigma surrounding mental illness, many people are reluctant to seek treatment. After the birth of her son, Emily Glossner Johnson experienced wild mood swings. She sought help from different sources and at times denied her bipolar disorder. Today, thanks to the right medications, a great therapist, and a loving family, Emily…Read More »

Hidden Gems: Cornell Botanic Gardens

The rhododendrons and azaleas were in full bloom, from magenta to pale pinks and creamy whites, when my work colleague, Linnea, and I visited the Cornell Botanic Gardens in June. This little gem of a park is not so little. It covers acres of land that are part of the Cornell University campus and College…Read More »

Telemedicine Saved My Sanity and My Vacation

Some things can’t be avoided—like colds that settle in right before a vacation. And flights that can’t be postponed because I’m sick and don’t want to miss one niece’s wedding and another niece’s baby shower, and I haven’t seen my 91-year-old mother in six months. Here’s how my get well journey began and ultimately led…Read More »

11 Facts About HPV and Cervical Cancer

Before you decide whether or not to have your pre-teen vaccinated against HPV (human papillomavirus), you may want to read about Christine Baze’s battle with cervical cancer. Don’t have kids that age? You may still want to read Christine’s story. The National Cancer Institute says HPV is so common that nearly all sexually active men and women get…Read More »

12 Ways to Workout on the Cheap

I’ve done boot camp. I’ve joined a gym or two. I’m pretty committed when I join things—I like to get my money’s worth. But, I’ve found that the best workouts for me are those that I do at home or on my own. Don’t get me wrong. A lot of people like the socialization and…Read More »

11 ways to save on health care

Save on Health Care: 11 Ways to Put More Money in Your Pocket

I’m a bit obsessive about looking for new ways to save money. When I buy a new car, I research it to death. Consumer Reports® is my friend. I work hard for my money and I want to stretch every dollar so that I can save for retirement, take nice vacations and be able to…Read More »

When They Leave Us for College: Dealing With an Empty Nest

Mothers seem to have an internal clock that ticks down the days and hours until we have to drop off our kids at college. I knew the day was coming.  It would be the first time my son and I would be apart for any length of time, save for a week or two of…Read More »