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Joseph Anthony

A western New York native, Joe is a retired Excellus BlueCross BlueShield marketing communications manager. His interests include travel, wine, classic film, hiking and sports. He grew up in the city of Rochester and currently resides with his family in Greece, Monroe County.

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What You Need to Know Before Buying Sunglasses for Your Kid

Sunglasses for kids come in all sorts of fun sizes, shapes and characters. What young kid wouldn’t want police dog Chase from Paw Patrol or Anna and Elsa from Frozen plastered on the side of their shades? More importantly, just like with adults, sunglasses can save their skin and eyes by blocking the sun’s powerful…Read More »

The excuse you might need to finally take days off

“Take two vacation days…and call me in the morning.” Sounds kind of strange, but a “vacation” might be a real “prescription” for better health and work life. Work is the number one cause of stress for American workers, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association. So, using up your vacation days would be…Read More »

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Sunglasses

Certain slices of Americana are just ingrained into our culture. You know, things like mom, apple pie, pizza, and yes, cool sunglasses. Images of famous people like JFK, The Blues Brothers, Tom Cruise, Barack Obama, and others in their favorite shades have helped promote them all over the globe. Of course, sunglasses do have a…Read More »

A dog may be the key to losing weight

Want to Lose Weight? Grab Your Dog’s Leash

Losing weight is…well, hard! Eat healthy, be more active…you know the drill. But getting started and sticking with it are two of the hardest parts. So, what if you had someone to keep you on track, was always available, and never said no? Would it also help if they were one of your best friends?…Read More »

When Pigs Fly? Pet Therapy Animals no Longer Just Dogs

You’ve probably heard the expression, “When pigs fly.” Umm, now they can. And, miniature horses can too. So can monkeys, dogs, cats, and all sorts of other “emotional support” animals. Daniel, a certified emotional support duck, made news on a recent flight, traveling with his human companion who had a fear of flying. As it…Read More »

Hidden Gems: Take a Stroll Along Rochester’s Secret Walk

There is no sign. You just have to know it’s there. What’s the secret? A few blocks up from Ontario Beach Park in Rochester, New York, is a secret walk through some of the most scenic backyards in the city. Starting near Beach Avenue and Tamarack Street is a three-block public sidewalk that borders Lake Ontario.…Read More »

Am I Selfish if I Don’t Get a Flu Shot? 3 Unexpected Reasons Why I’m Getting the Vaccination This Year

I don’t like needles, never have. But, every year I’ve gotten a flu shot, because I’ve been told that it’s my best defense against the flu. So I visit my doctor every year, close my eyes, turn my head and wait for the needle to plunge into my arm. Except, last year something different happened.…Read More »