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Ieva Doyle

Now retired, Ieva Doyle worked as regional communications manager for Excellus BlueCross BlueShield. A native New Yorker who spent 20 years in Michigan and Ohio, Ieva loves being back in her home state and living in Central New York. She’s always cooking for family and friends. Other interests include reading, taking her dog for walks and otherwise exploring the sights, sounds and experiences of Central New York with her husband and adventuresome daughter.

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Why every day is a good time to talk about breast cancer awareness

During the month of October, it’s difficult to ignore the stories, commercials, advertisements, pink T-shirts and other paraphernalia proclaiming Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For Excellus BlueCross BlueShield employee Maria Horton, however, every month and every day is a good time for breast cancer awareness. Maria has learned that the hard way. She is a breast…Read More »

Photo of a person sitting barefoot in a park reading

Spring is Here: Get Outside to Do Your Mind and Body Some Good

The New York State Department of Health suggests getting outdoors to walk, jog, hike, garden, ride a bicycle or visit a park as healthy ways to stay active and reduce stress and anxiety while engaging in social distancing strategies. “Research supports what many of us already feel,” said Bruce Naughton, M.D., Excellus BlueCross BlueShield’s vice president…Read More »

Tim Truax

Why I Donated Stem Cells

About three years ago, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Network Analyst Tim Truax felt inundated by stories about children dealing with cancer. A couple of them hit really close to home. He saw the lives of a close friend — and then a family member — turned upside down when they learned of their children’s cancer diagnoses.…Read More »

How to Add a Little Adventure To Your Life

If you’re looking to add a little adventure to your life, Meetup may be the app for you. The Meetup app led Jane Vangelov to two great adventures last year. Neither are activities she would have pursued on her own. But experiencing them with a Meetup group opened her up to a bold new activity…Read More »

A Daughter’s Story: My Dad’s Life After A Heart Attack

When your 58-year-old dad drops to the floor and dies of a heart attack in a hospital emergency room, you take notice. The event that triggered this wake-up call for Meghan Dailey of Rochester occurred seven years ago. She talks about it as if it just happened yesterday. It’s that fresh and real in her…Read More »

Spotlight on Kelly Springer, a Skaneateles business owner with a national reach

Kelly Springer is the founder and owner of Kelly’s Choice nutritional company, which focuses on sports nutrition, weight loss, workplace wellness, heart health, diabetes and more. Kelly also is a spokesperson for many national healthy food companies. Her clients have included Quaker Oats and KIND. Recently, Kelly’s Choice kicked off a virtual wellness program for large companies…Read More »

Arc of Onondaga: Life Comes Full Circle

It’s funny how life can come full circle. Matt Mersfelder of Syracuse has experienced it firsthand. His first “real” job as an adult was with Arc of Onondaga. The nonprofit organization assists individuals who have developmental disabilities achieve their fullest potential. In fact, Matt credits the traits he learned at Arc of Onondaga — patience…Read More »

Personal Spotlight on Randy Sabourin of Metro Fitness

Randy Sabourin is the man behind the free Wellness Wednesdays in downtown Syracuse, N.Y. As founder/owner of the Metro Fitness Clubs in Syracuse and Fayetteville, he worked with the City of Syracuse and American Heart Association to bring these weekly fitness classes to the community. What helps him lead his healthiest life? He gives a…Read More »

F is for Fridays, Food, and Family

After a long week at work, there’s nothing more comforting than coming home on a Friday night and having some idea of what you’re going to serve your family for dinner. I really hate it when I don’t have a meal plan, especially on a Friday night when my creative reserves are fairly depleted. Having…Read More »