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Eileen Wolff

Eileen Wolff

Eileen is a Rochester native and lives in Greece, close to lifelong friends and family. She loves reading, practicing yoga and enjoying wine, although not necessarily in that order (or simultaneously). A career in health related non-profit organizations led Eileen to Excellus BCBS where she has been a Workplace Wellness Consultant for the past seven years.

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Small Steps to Prevent Big Falls: Protecting Older Adults from Injury

I had a reunion of sorts with some old friends from high school. Once we adjusted to seeing each other as “seasoned” adults, we caught up on the past 30 plus years since graduation.  We chatted about the highlights: families, careers, travel, and memories from high school.  As we settled in, our conversation turned toward…Read More »

Get a Flu Shot for Your Grandkid’s Sake!

When I was about to become a grandma for the first time, I did many of the typical things prospective grandparents do.  I bought baby furniture so my new little one would be comfortable in our home, and practiced referring to myself as “Grandma” (I had to get used to my new title). I even…Read More »