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Deanna was raised in Avon and is proud of her country roots including her time spent in 4-H (yes, 4-H!). She lives in Penfield with her sons' John and James and enjoys spending time with family and friends--especially at the Jersey Shore. In her spare time (is that what we're calling it these days?), Deanna loves watching her boys play hockey and swim competitively and going to Amerks and Sabres games when she can. She is a marketing manager for Excellus BlueCross BlueShield.

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A Happy Medium: Our Family’s New Habits in These Unprecedented Times

They say it takes roughly 21 days to create a habit. As I write this, my kids and I are on day 40 of staying home from work and school—just like everyone else—to keep ourselves and those around us safe. I admit, I was one of those parents who had grand plans of creating a…Read More »

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A Walking Lesson in Women’s History… For Boys

“If we want to instill resiliency and develop children’s imaginations, we need to present children with stories about long odds, big dreams, and fantastic leadership that come in all shapes, sizes, and bodies.” – Jill Eisenberg, Educator Before I had children, I used to think about how I would raise my daughter someday. We live in…Read More »