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Christine Leavenworth

Christine was born and raised in Greece, Monroe County. A lover of DIY projects, she’s an interior designer wannabe and can usually be found watching episodes of the TV show "Fixer Upper" or searching for a piece of furniture to refinish. She’s obsessed with iced coffee and any kind of dessert. Never passing up an opportunity for a thrill, her biggest adventure was parasailing over the Atlantic Ocean.

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The Meaning Behind the Teal Pumpkin: Help for Children with Allergies on Halloween

Some of my favorite memories as a kid are from Halloween. I remember dressing up as a witch to go trick-or-treating with friends while hoarding  all of the peanut butter cups and refusing to listen to my parents when they told me to wear a jacket (Hey Mom and Dad – you were right about…Read More »

22 Ice Cream Shops to Check Out This Summer

When I was a kid, my favorite ice cream shop was always the one closest to my house. It was next to the park and my friends and I were able to ride our bikes or walk there so we didn’t have to ask our parents to drive us. No one ever bothered to learn…Read More »

How I Learned to Avoid Drive-Thrus and Eat Healthier on a Budget

When I moved off campus my junior year of college, I was excited to have an actual kitchen to cook in and a place to eat that I didn’t have to share with hundreds of other students. That feeling quickly faded when I remembered how much time and money it takes to cook and grocery…Read More »

Fighting Cancer: A Teenager’s Story of Courage

Being a teenager and going through high school can be difficult. There are classes to keep up with, sports commitments and demands for your time from family and friends. And, for Brittany McNair, a cancer diagnosis. McNair was diagnosed with osteosarcoma June of 2005, the end of her freshman year of high school. She went…Read More »

Backpack Pain is a Thing. What Every Parent Needs to Know.

When Jack, 5, saw the aisle full of backpacks, he loved the ones covered with his favorite characters from Paw Patrol and Star Wars. Jack’s mom, however, searched for a pack that wouldn’t strain the back of her soon-to-be kindergartener. She looked for satchels with thick, cushioned straps, and settled on a Star Wars bag…Read More »