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Ann Griepp, M.D.

Ann Griepp, M.D.

Ann Griepp, M.D., now retired, was the chief medical officer for Behavioral Health at Excellus BCBS. She hails from Michigan, but has lived in Rochester since she started her psychiatry residency and neuropsychiatry fellowship at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Griepp is board certified in psychiatry and by the American Board of Addiction Medicine. She is married, lives in Pittsford, Monroe County, and has two children and two pretty naughty dogs. Ann loves children, cooking, fencing, and always has a puzzle going in her office for stress-reduction.

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How to Help Those with Depression or Suicidal Thoughts

I was saddened to hear of the two recent celebrity suicides. I was sad for their families and also for them. But I was also anxious. I knew that I would soon be receiving texts and emails full of questions about, “why?”  I don’t know why these things happen. Each person’s story is unique. There…Read More »

7 Small Ways to Help Stop the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic touches our lives in many ways. Every day, 130 Americans die from opioid overdoses. But there are small things you can do to help. 1. Talk to your family about avoiding opioids for pain Try not to start. Opioids, including hydrocodone and codeine, are very addictive. If your doctor prescribes opioids for…Read More »

is my child a bully?

Is My Child a Bully? Part 2

In a previous article, I discussed: Is My Child a Bully? (7 Tips for Parents of Bullies). This article picks up where the other one left off. NOTE: These articles are not intended to replace a physician’s or counselor’s advice. Josh was playing basketball very well. Josh’s mom and dad watched him proudly as he…Read More »

is my child a bully?

Is My Child a Bully? (7 Tips for Parents of Bullies)

Most parents take strong positions against bullying, until THEIR child is accused of being the bully. “Not my child!” they say. What exactly is a bully? Some believe the designation is super clear. A bully is anyone who verbally or physically abuses another. Verbal abuse can include saying something that is mean, offensive, or insulting.…Read More »