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The Practice of Gratitude

We’re wired to focus on the negative or what is missing in our lives. By intentionally focusing daily on what is good and right in our lives, our habit of negativity weakens, and appreciation strengthens. If we can make gratitude a habit, it becomes a default setting. When life unravels, our grateful attitude can help…Read More »

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Your Questions About Medication Adherence Answered

The following article was written by Excellus BlueCross BlueShield SafetyNet Medical Directors Sudha Bakshi, MD, and Saba Abaci, MD Often when patients are given a new prescription medication, they wonder why it’s being prescribed, how often they should take it, and what side effects to expect. Taking a medication as prescribed, also known as medication…Read More »

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Tips for a Healthier Cookout

When we think of summer grilling, we may automatically think of hot dogs and hamburgers. But there are healthier options that are perfect for the grill, and that your family and guests will find very tasty. Simple Swaps Reduce Sodium “Switch up your grilling routine to incorporate more fresh produce and lean protein,” said Patricia…Read More »

Hidden Gems: Audubon Community Nature Center

Spending time in nature can enrich us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. That’s the motto of the Audubon Community Nature Center (ACNC).  Looking for a new place to take in the great outdoors? Consider visiting this hidden gem in western New York’s Southern Tier. The Highlights ACNC is in Jamestown, N.Y., about 60 miles south of…Read More »

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Get Up and Move!

Chances are that you are reading this article sitting down. Try standing up while you read the rest of this article. Sitting down for longs periods of time can be harmful to your health in many ways, including being less active. Sitting can put us at risk for some serious stuff like heart disease or…Read More »

World Asthma Day

May 5, 2020 is World Asthma Day, when the National Institutes of Health stands with patients, families, advocates, researchers, and health care professionals to raise awareness about this common chronic respiratory disease, the people it affects, and the biomedical research that improves its prevention and treatment. Like The “Feeling of Drowning” Asthma is a chronic…Read More »

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Hidden Gems: Center shares the healing power of laughter

Most of us could use a good laugh right now. Fortunately, now you can enjoy comedy virtually thanks to the National Comedy Center. The National Comedy Center, located in Jamestown, New York, is the nation’s official cultural institution and non-profit museum dedicated to presenting the vital story of comedy and preserving its heritage for future…Read More »

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Tomato Rice

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Stocking Your Pantry with Healthy Foods That Last

Grocery shopping may be something you used to take for granted. But it’s a little more complicated these days. To minimize shopping time, it’s important to get what you’ll need in as few trips as possible. And to maximize nutrition, it’s crucial to choose healthy foods that you’ll actually eat. The best way to achieve…Read More »