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Aida Byrne

Aida Byrne is originally from the Utica area and now lives in Central New York with her blended family of seven - six sons and one daughter. She and her husband, Tim, enjoy traveling to new states with their kids each season in their 12-passenger van; volunteering throughout the year for the Chittenango Central School District; and spending time making memories with friends and family each and every weekend. Aida is the director of communications for the eastern markets at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield.

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How A Call to the 24/7 Nurse Line May Have Saved a Life

In honor of National Nurses Week, we’re sharing stories that celebrate the compassion, empathy and kindness demonstrated by nurses and other medical professionals throughout our upstate New York communities. The Call That May Have Saved A Life When Grace (pseudonym) felt uneasy and scared about her husband’s worsening health condition, she turned to a nurse…Read More »

An older couple sitting on the floor of a room they just painted.

Get A Hobby!

Since Saturday, March 21, 2020 – and every weekend thereafter – Rick Nangreave, of Monroe County, has been painting. He’s painted his finished basement (his office), the mudroom, kitchen, downstairs hallway, upstairs hallway, staircase, laundry room, living room, and dining room.  All that is left is his wife’s office and two bedrooms. But why this…Read More »

Picture of young child sitting at table looking puzzled

Are You Really Hungry or Just Bored or Stressed?

Before mindlessly eating potato chips or chocolate chips straight out of the bag, ask yourself, “Am I really hungry or is this stress or boredom?” Yes, I’m hungry If you are hungry, the best thing to do is eat – but do it mindfully. Give the food your full attention.  “When we eat mindlessly it’s as…Read More »

Dog sitting on the floor beside couch with sneaker laces in mouth

Snuggles, Physical Activity and Companionship: Pets offer Health Benefits While Working from Home

Decreased blood pressure, increased feelings of companionship and opportunities for exercise – all these benefits and more come with owning a pet.  According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the routine of having to meet your pet’s daily needs breeds responsibility and a feeling of accomplishment. Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and more all have…Read More »